The Basics of Anxiety

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Statistics suggest that 1 in 4 adults in Australia will experience an anxiety disorder across the life span. That is over two million people every 12 month who will have a diagnosable anxiety condition. Anxiety can be experienced without it being a disorder. Disorders of anxiety develop when anxiety symptoms reach a level that they begin to interfere with someone’s functioning such as study, work, social interactions or basic daily living. Read our full article for more on anxiety and tips for managing these symptoms.


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Most of us have heard about the concept of gratitude. It either sparks interest or feels a little too contrived. The idea of appreciating things and expressing our gratitude for those things can feel uncomfortable. Understanding the benefits and how gratitude works can help with shifting this resistance.

Self-Esteem, Self-Worth & Confidence

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We often hear the terms self-esteem, confidence, or self-worth. For most people, these terms are viewed as positive qualities that are possessed by individuals who have their lives put together and are living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. They generally aren't qualities that we are taught to develop in school. For a lot of people, the mentality of ‘harden up’, or ‘get over it’ were more likely to be the way of thinking that we were taught.

The Basics of Sleep

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The effects of sleep deprivation are well known. We have all heard the saying ‘you woke up on the wrong side of the bed’. Sleep deprivation has been named the second biggest killer on the roads after alcohol due to the profound effects it can have on our functioning. But, just how much does sleep affect our mental health and is this worse for someone experiencing a mental illness?

Health: Eat Well, Sleep Well & Exercise

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The year is well and truly underway. For most people, any resolutions or big ambitions have already been put aside. When asking people about their goals, I often get a grumble or the very general response of ‘I want to improve my health’. Presented with the following question of ‘what does that mean to you?’, I get some vague comments about exercising more and eating well. With this in mind I wanted the first blog post of 2022 to surround the topic of 'Health' and its role in your mental wellbeing.

Mental Health & The Holidays

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The Christmas period can be a stressful and even upsetting time of year for some people depending on their personal experiences with this time of year. There are several reasons as to why people may find the Christmas period difficult. Such as financial worries, estrangement, bereavement, past trauma and health problems. Managing your expectations during the Christmas period can help with preventing the negative impact that unrealistic expectations can have on our mental health.

Mental Health in the Workplace

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It is estimated that 1 in 6 people of working age will suffer from a mental illness. Further to this, one sixth of the population will suffer from poor mental health because of symptoms such as troubled sleep, excessive worry, and fatigue. Whilst someone may experience issues with their mental health, it does not mean that they have a mental illness, however, these symptoms certainly affect a person’s ability to function at work.

Trauma – Discussion, Tips & Resources

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Trauma is defined as an emotional response to an event or series of events that caused high levels of distress in a person. Trauma can be experienced firsthand by witnessing or experiencing a trauma incident. It can also be experienced by someone close to a person hearing about it, or vicariously by an individual being exposed to trauma content.

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Mental Health Month 2021

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Mental Health Month in Australia runs annually throughout the month of October. Each year there is a topic of focus; this year the Mental Health Foundation of Australia have set 'Resilience and Recovery’ as the topic. Drawn from the challenges of the pandemic, the aim of this topic is to explore ways we can develop more resilience and recover from the impact of the pandemic.

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