Erin Gale

Erin Gale

Psychologist – Bachelor of Arts Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology, Master of Professional Psychology, MAPS.

Erin has a warm, compassionate and motivational style of therapy that is based on authenticity, connection, trust and respect. Erin works collaboratively with each client and offers a tailored treatment plan that takes into account the needs, goals and preferences of each client. Erin employs a strength based and solution focussed approach that is guided by the principals of positive psychology and mindfulness philosophy.

Erin has a background within primary and secondary educational settings; and e-mental health counselling, crisis support and risk assessment.

Erin is a fully registered psychologist with AHPRA, who provides services to individuals and couples; young people and adults; as well group programs. Erin completed her undergraduate training at Swinburne University; and her postgraduate training at The Cairnmillar Institute in Melbourne. Erin is a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Psychologist – Bachelor of Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology, Master of Psychology (Educational & Developmental), MAPS.

Tom has a warm, empathetic, non-judgemental and down-to-earth style, offering respect and open-mindedness to every client. Tom’s therapeutic approach is tailored for each individual’s needs and personal goals, while drawing upon the principals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person-Centred Therapy, and Emotion-Focused Therapy.

Tom Kenny is a fully registered psychologist who provides individual counselling and structured psychological intervention to adults, young people, and children from twelve years of age. Tom is an Irish native who completed his undergraduate training and Masters of Psychology (Educational & Developmental) in Melbourne at Australian Catholic University. Tom is fully registered with APHRA, and is a full member of both the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian ADHD Professional Association.

Ebony Collins

Clinical Psychologist –Bachelor Behavioural Science, Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology, Master of Psychology Clinical, MAPS, FCCLP.

“I am a clinical psychologist who provides treatment in mental health. I work with people experiencing significant distress as a result of their illness. I enjoy seeing people change through the therapy process and move toward their goals.”

Ebony has a warm and engaging style to her treatment. She aims to work collaboratively with all clients and their significant others. In working with a non-judgmental and accepting approach, Ebony intends clients to feel safe, respected, and supported in exploring and addressing their difficulties.

Ebony began her journey working under a rehabilitation model of care for public mental health organisations. Through this work she has treated people with complex psychiatric conditions and behavioural disturbance. This has built her passion and experience for working with adults and adolescents suffering from a range of psychological disorders including personality disorders, schizophrenia, mood and anxiety disorders. Ebony has been working in the private sector for over five years where she also works with people experiencing higher prevalence disorders such as mood disorders and adjustment difficulties.

Ebony has been registered as a Clinical Psychologist for over eight years. She is a member of both the Australian Psychological Society and College of Clinical Psychologists, as well as a registered Clinical Supervisor.

Ebony works with Kobe, her therapy dog, to provide an extra element to the therapeutic process.

Suzanne Mealing

Clinical Psychologist- Bachelor Arts/Bachelor Science, Bachelor Science (Honors), Masters in Clinical Psychology.

Suzanne is a Clinical Psychologist registered with AHPRA and endorsed as a Board Approved Supervisor. She is also an Accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Having worked as a psychologist for the past 8 years in a variety of public and private mental health settings Suzanne has devoted herself to helping others understand themselves and improve their wellbeing.

Suzanne has an accepting and compassionate approach and strives to build a therapeutic relationship based on hope and trust. She collaborates with clients so that they feel heard and supported whilst identifying their difficulties and goals for therapy.

Suzanne works with Individuals experiencing difficulties with Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, Stress and Adjustment Issues, Personality Disorders, Problem Behaviours, and Stage of Life difficulties. Therapy is always tailored to suit individual needs and may include a combination of Counselling and evidence-based approaches including; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Suzanne is excited to be returning to study in 2019 and will be learning Cognitive Analytical Therapy to add to her repertoire.


Lina Hughes

Reception Manager.

Lina is our reception manager at Ivory Health and provides invaluable support to our team to ensure the smooth running of our practice.

Whilst Lina is there to assist our psychologists in their work, she is also available to take booking and respond to any enquiries about our services that you may have. Throughout the week Lina is available to provide any assistance you may require in order to engage with our service. At other times Lina is supported by the reception team at Back Into Health who are available to help with your enquiries.




Therapy Dog, Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Kobe is a Ruby colored King Charles Cavalier. In 2015 Kobe attended training to qualify as a therapy dog. After graduating Kobe started working to provide Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) within the therapy sessions. Kobe works along side our clinical psychologist Ebony Collins.

During the session Kobe is available to engage with clients who may find his presence a calming and reassuring part of treatment. Kobe is a very friendly member of the team and thoroughly enjoys the attention he receives through his work.

Kobe welcomes everyone into their session. It is up to individual choice as to whether Kobe is part of the session. He is always happy to be up on the couch for a cuddle. However, he is just as happy to sit in his basket and simply observe (or sleep, as he often does).

Kobe is present for sessions during the week, with our clinical psychologist, Ebony Collins. As it is very tiring work for Kobe he takes most weekends off to rest and is therefore not present for sessions every Saturday.