Our strong commitment to providing psychological care and qualified treatment to each of our clients is at the forefront of our philosophy at Ivory Health.

Medicare Rebates

To obtain a Medicare rebate you will need a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP. A mental health care plan can take some time to prepare so please ensure that you inform the GP clinic of the purpose of the appointment in order for them to allocate the appropriate length of time. Your Mental Health Care Plan entitles you to ten sessions per calendar year (Jan-Dec). The rebate can be claimed at the time of the payment.

You will need to bring the referral to your first appointment in order to receive the rebate. A referral letter is required to accompany your Mental Health Care Plan. Please ensure your referral is dated and signed by your GP.

Please note that Medicare only cover the treatment of certain conditions. Your GP is able to discuss these with you and provide a valid referral where appropriate.

Session Fees

  • Due to the different rebates provided by Medicare for a psychologist and clinical psychologist we apply different fees.
  • Session fees with our clinical psychologist are $190 for a 50 minute appointment. Please note that a Medicare rebate of $124.50 can be claimed with a valid Medicare referral, leaving an out of pocket cost of $65.50 per session.

  • Session fees with our psychologist are $150 for a 50 minute appointment. Please note that a Medicare rebate of $84.80 can be claimed with a valid Medicare referral, leaving an out of pocket cost of $65.20 per session.

  • Concession fees are available for clients with a valid pension card. Please note that concession cards and health care cards are not accepted.

  • Full payment required on the day of consultation. The Medicare rebate is paid to your account following the processing of the full payment.
  • Please be aware that the Australian Psychological Society recommended a fee of $251 for psychological consultations. We aim to provide a high level of service that remains accessible and affordable to our clients.

Consultation Fee Concession Fee Medicare Rebate
Clinical Psychologist $190 $160 $124.50
Psychologist $150 $120 $84.80


Commitment to treatment and regular attendance are important for improvement in your wellbeing. We value your time, as well as our own and seek to offer timely appointments to those awaiting treatment. For this reason we apply a cancellation fee.

Due to the demand for appointments and the loss of income to the psychologist a strict cancellation fee applies to all appointments that are cancelled after 12noon the day prior to the scheduled appointment.

A fee of $85 will be incurred. This will need to be paid in full at the next appointment.


Some insurance providers will offer a level of cover that includes psychological therapy. It is best to check with your insurance provider what you are able to claim. Please note that we are unable to process claims onsite. However can provide a receipt for claiming with your provider.

Workcover and TAC referrals are not accepted. We also do not provide legal reports.

If you anticipate that you may become entitled to access a referral from these services we advise that you seek an alternative service.


Generally our psychologists are not able to provide reports. Letters or other documents will incur a fee due to the time required to complete such items. You can discuss this with your psychologist in session.


Payment is required at the time of the appointment. We have EFTPOS facilities available for payment, as well as facilities for immediate payment of your Medicare rebate.

If you have any questions regarding fees please do not hesitate to contact the reception team for assistance.