Ivory Health is a local Box Hill Psychology service providing treatment for mental health disorders and psychological wellbeing. At Ivory Health our psychologists have experience in working with challenging presentations across a range of mental health diagnoses. Our psychologists utilize evidence base treatments in working with both adolescents and adults at all stages of their recovery.

Ivory Health Team

You might want to improve your relationships, or overcome difficult emotional responses. Work or study might be feeling overwhelming or you may have lost your motivation. Perhaps you want to learn how to improve your coping skills, or more successfully navigate the challenges of life. Low mood may be impacting your functioning, or distress causing you problems in relationships.

At Ivory health we work with people with general mental health concerns, as well as difficulties such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, we support people with a range of diagnosed mental illness including Schizophrenia, Bi Polar Disorder, Grief & Loss, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Personality Disorders.

Our trained psychologists at Ivory Health in Box Hill, will provide you with an opportunity to explore your mental health needs and work toward your treatment goals. The challenges faced along the journey to recovery can be difficult, we aim to assist you through this. With the help of our psychologists you will be supported to learn more about your problem, the patterns maintaining your concerns, and the tools to address them.

Our team are passionate about helping you progress through your difficulties. We recognise that everyone is different and will have a unique presentation and path that has led them to treatment. In working with you we are mindful that it can be difficult to seek assistance or speak about your challenges. We provide a relaxed and safe environment to explore your problems and are grateful to be part of your journey.

At Ivory Health, we are a gender sensitive clinic.