Love Lost and Found: Navigating Relationship Transitions with Resilience

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Transitioning between roles can often involve losses, like financial flexibility or freedom, which can impact our mental health, especially after experiencing significant changes like the end of a relationship. Coping with these changes involves acknowledging and cherishing the past while also allowing ourselves to feel current difficult emotions.

New year, same problems: How to take on the problems that have been holding you back!

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From financial restraints, social relationships, academic challenges, health concerns, romantic issues, familial tensions and career-based setbacks, life often involves problems that can get in the way of our goals and overall happiness. If not handled effectively, not only will these problems remain unresolved, but we could experience negative effects on our mental health.

ADHD: A Psychologist’s ADHD

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ADHD is a pervasive disorder; in that it affects every area of one’s life. The impact of ADHD on the individual goes way past predictable difficulties with studying or managing deadlines. ADHD has a significant impact on family relationships, friendships, self-esteem, finances, bodyweight, sleep, driving, mental and physical health.

Common Questions about ADHD

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Over the last few years there has been a boost in awareness relating to neurodiversity and particularly Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder (ADHD). While most people have heard of ADHD, there is still confusion regarding what it is/isn't, when testing and a formal diagnosis can be useful, what treatment can involve and how it can help.


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Bipolar gets thrown around when somebody’s mood appears to shift up and down quite quickly; the suggestion being that the persons noticeable shifts in mood are so problematic that they must be unwell. The reality with bipolar is quite different.

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